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App Twavox : new version available on Android !

Mars 2018

Your app is evolving to offer best user experience.
Compatible Android from V 4.0, screen brightness automatically dims while you’re using the app.You can now easily adjust volume with 22 levels available.If Talkback is off, adjust volume thanks to your smartphone buttons. If you’re using talkback, adjust volume directly in the app.Enjoy ! Click Here ! or here to see pics!
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Partnerschaft I Wheel Share


I Wheel Share users find Twavox-equipped cinemas more easily.
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Twavox - Ymagis

FNCF 2017 exhibition

September 25th to 28th, 2017

Twavox and CineApps will be present at the 72nd Congress of the French National Cinema Federation on the CinameNext stand - Ymagis Group - Centre International de Deauville.
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: ESII presents a new video tutorial, discover it by clicking here!!