Twavox conferences / Meeting Room

Allow each hearing impaired to enjoy an optimal listening comfort during a meeting or a conference animated by one or several lecturers speaking with a microphone, but also to follow a show (i.e.: one man show)...


The Twavox application is downloadable for free on the Google Play Store or on the App Store. It provides access to sound reinforcement.

The hearing impaired connects his headphone, his headset or his hearing loop on his smartphone / tablet.

He can change the volume and "equalize" the sound according to his acoustic profile.

  • See the user manual including a list of compatible smartphones
  • Tips for using for different types of listening accessories
  • - Easy to use
  • - Sound Quality
  • - Dialogues understandability
  • - Smartphone Comfort
  • - Live Sound, no external annoying noise
  • - Sound adjusting / Equalizer
  • - Individual listening without disturbing others
  • - IOS/Android Application
  • - Covers a wide part of the telephone devices
  • twavox image
    twavox image
    twavox image

    Twavox is a simple and easy to install solution that enables you to meet the 2005 Disability Act thus enable visually and hearing impaired to access your conferences.

  • - Plug and Play (easy to install)
  • - Kit of installation
  • - Hotline
  • - No fleet management
  • - No hygiene management
  • - Multi-channel, no interference between movies rooms
  • twavox image
    twavox image
    twavox image

    Listening accessory for Smartphone and Tablet

  • Audio cable

    Audio cable

  • Inductive headset

    Inductive headset

  • headphone


  • Earpiece


  • Neckloop


  • Fonctionnality : Twavox advertises audio, audio description, multilingual subtitles, to the mobile devices for the hearing and visually impaired.